About Us

    Hi.  I’m Gregory Hill.  I love computers.  I love breaking computers.  I love fixing computers.  I love making them do things they were never meant to do.  And I especially love making computers do things that nobody thought they could do!  I love elegant solutions to complicated and vexing problems.

    I have about a kagillion ideas about how to easily handle multi-layered issues that take up too much of our valuable time.  TMI Manager is the first one I’ve put together from stem to stern.  But, heads up!, there are more graceful solutions coming your way so that you and I can have more fun in our lives.

    Along my quest in building TMI Manager for you, I have had a number of people who have angelically supported this journey with their ideas, their efforts, but most of all their time and their love.  I want to thank:

    • My beautiful wife, Liora and our three wonderful sons
    • My father-in-law, Ralph Brunn
    • Our dear friend and now our partner-in-crime, Alan Kasmir
    • Our beloved cousin, Jo French
    • Mike MacDonald of gWhiz
    • Hank Schoenfeld, may he rest in peace
    • Judy and Rick Morrison of Schoenfeld Insurance
    • Brian Razzaque and the Team at Vision Multimedia Technologies
    • Jeff Kalb of two38 Design
    • My beta testing team – too numerous to mention, but THANK YOU!

    Mission Statement for TMI Manager
    Hillside Applications’ mission is to provide consumers with the most complete solution available to safeguard and manage the changing value of their personal property, important documents, and important property improvements by making it so simple that customers will have no option but to wonder why they were not protected all along.

    Values Statement
    Hillside Applications is dedicated to the following values:

    • Be ethical
    • Educate consumers to use technology that simplifies their lives
    • Build outrageous and cutting edge solutions to vexing everyday problems
    • Promote new technologies that empower all of us

    Vision Statement
    To provide technological solutions to everyday problems, simplifying people’s lives.

    Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
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    TMI Manager

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