TMI Manager 1.1 To Be Released

TMI Manager 1.1 To Be Released

[Update:  Version 1.1 has now been released.  It may take a few hours for it to be visible to everyone, but it should be available to all by sometime tomorrow.]

Well, after a few misfires, TMI Manager 1.1 will be hitting the App Store shortly.  The app has been restructured and is now Universal, and we are taking advantage of some of the iPad features.  There is more to do, but it looks much better now.

We also ran into an issue regarding our use of Renewable Subscriptions through the App Store's In-App Purchases feature.  Up until two weeks ago, Apple hadn't made an issue of it.  But in the last review, they decided that TMI Manager's use of this purchase model was inappropriate.  So, we have gone with Manual Subscriptions (Non-Renewable Subscriptions).

We need to change some documentation to reflect these changes.  But that should be done shortly.

We also spent a great deal of time restructuring the data management framework that drives TMI Manager, and it is now a stand-alone library.  This library is now driving several prototypes for other projects, which will hopefully turn into full-blown projects and apps in the near future.

While TMI Manager may never take off the way we had dreamed, the framework we spent so much time on may very well be the engine for quite a few other projects in the future.

Here's hoping!

TMI Manager

Download our iOS app, TMI Manager 1.0, now!


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