TMI Managerâ„¢ 1.0

    Our first project, TMI Managerâ„¢, has now gone live!  The iOS app was just published in the iTunes AppStore, and the accompanying website,, is available for general use.

    The iOS application was written, of course, in Objective-C.  We used several Open Source libraries, including the Three20 UI library, Resty for communicating with the web service hosted at the website, and Core Data Library for managing the underlying CoreData data store.  We've made a couple of minor tweaks to Three20, but nothing of import.  We have some ideas for further enhancing the library that we may investigate in the future.  Some significant changes were made to CDL, especially incorporating it with Three20.  In particular, the integration of CDL with the various table layouts and navigation model provided by Three20 proved to be interesting.  This is definitely worth investigating further, as a full integration of the two packages could be very useful for Three20 users.

    Both and developed by Vision Multimedia, based in Baltimore, MD. Many thanks to Josh, Amy, and Brian for pushing through the many hiccups and sudden changes in direction to get them to completion.  The sites are being hosted at Rackspace, and were developed using Drupal as the content management system.  The UIs and workflows were designed by Jeff Kalb of  He did a fabulous job of drawing inchoate concepts out of us and developing them into fully formed models.

    If you have any questions about what we've done, or are interested in involving us in any mobile and/or web apps you are developing, don't hesitate to contact us.

    TMI Manager

    Download our iOS app, TMI Manager 1.0, now!